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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you start at any age?

Yes! It’s never too late to pursue a passion. Robert didn’t start dancing until his college football career was over. Yet, within three years he was performing regularly on stage and TV. Within six years he danced on Broadway — and was GOOD!



Why train in multiple disciplines?

Theatre and film are requiring more physical and all around actors. Mel Brooks won’t work with an actor unless he is musically trained. Actors need to be physical enough for stunts and action work. The concepts involved with modern acting mirror the concepts in dance. Dancers must understand their music in order to interpret it effectively. You must be as all around as possible.



What makes your school different?

Theatre isn’t theory for us. We work professionally in every major medium. When we cast shows in New York or Los Angeles, we see over 500 people for possibly 10 parts. We know what stands out and why. If you’re going to train, why not do it right?



Do you have to be “professional” quality to participate?

No, some students are just interested in having fun or increasing some skills. We never expect the same goals or results from any two students. We customize each student’s training based on their skill level and honor the progress with positive encouragement.



What is SDC?

The Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers. This is the directors and choreographers union. One must be SDC in order to direct a National Tour or Broadway show. We have worked as SDC directors/choreographers for over 20 years.



Still have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

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