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Josh Drake hat

"Robert and Lesia,


New York has been everything I wanted...and more! We had placement auditions the entire first weekend, and I placed in the highest dance levels in every style. I, HONESTLY, cannot express enough how thankful I am for the two of you and all of the effort you put into me. Everyone is realizing that this is not my first time experiencing professional training, and I have only had 2 days of classes!


Even when it comes to attitude and professionalism, I have been standing out. What you taught me wasn't just how to do steps and act through a dance, but you taught me how to handle this business. 


I can only hope that everyone back home in that studio realizes that they are INCREDIBLY fortunate having you guys available to them. I'm not scared of the city! I am hitting it back when it throws punches, and you two instilled that in me....I would not be where I am today if you had not set my feet in the right direction. My heart holds a special place for you and all you’ve done”

Josh Drake, Clater-Kaye Alumni, Disney's Aladdin on Broadway,

An American In Paris - Best Actor Jeff Awards 

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