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Now in our 15th year, the mission of 

Clater-Kaye is to enhance the skills for the professional performer. We will strengthen the cultural vitality of the region and cultivate musical theatre appreciation by developing the next generation of artists through youth education, performance, and outreach programs. Our variety of classes, seminars, and workshops will enable students to train and network with professional actors and directors both locally and in New York and Los Angeles!

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About Us

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We teach each student to be a more dynamic individual. Our training is designed to create leads on stage, and teach leadership in life. Students will study Voice and Movement, Improvisation, and Acting Skills for the Stage, Film and TV, or Presentation Skills for the Professional Business World. Our Clater-Kaye curriculum aims to provide each student with enhanced self-confidence, self-awareness, and focus, as well as insight into the vocational training needs of an actor. We strive to foster creativity while carefully applying the discipline necessary for success in both theatre and life. With that in mind, students are placed based on their specific needs and goals. For example, a student who does not desire a career in theatre, but enjoys the benefits of class, will be on a less aggressive path than a student who shows the desire and potential to succeed in the entertainment business. The goal of Clater-Kaye Theatreworks is to provide a safe and secure environment for creativity to flow without the potential competitive blockades that often plague theatrical schools. To that end, we ask each student, parent, and guest to remind themselves of our mantra: “I Take Responsibility for the Energy I Bring Into This Space.”

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