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Studio Guidelines

Tuition Due: Tuition is due the first week of each session. A session calendar is provided upon registration. A $25 late fee will be applied after 10 days if tuition is not paid. After 1 month late, student will no longer be allowed in class until tuition is paid in full.


Credit Card Payments: An additional fee will be added to Credit Card Payments. $2 for a charge up to $100, $4 for a charge $101-$200, $6 for a charge $201-$300, etc.


Ballet Attire: Hair up if possible … ponytail, bun. etc. Dance clothes and ballet shoes required. Dance clothes include leotard & tights, leggings, dance shorts or jazz pants (athletic pants for boys) with snug-fitting top.


Triple Threat & other Dance Class Attire: Hair off the face, comfortable clothes for movement such as leggings, shorts, athletic pants, snug-fitting shirt, dance clothes, etc. Appropriate shoes for class (Tap shoes for tap class, Tan Jazz Boots or Jazz shoes for TT, Tan Character shoes for TT6 & 7 girls, barefoot, or sock feet are acceptable for TT, Lyrical & Modern). Boys: Athletic Pants or shorts (for performances: black dress or jazz shoes.)


Attendance: Mandatory in Advanced Classes. Excused absences include “graded” school requirements, contagious illness or family tragedy. If a child’s attendance drops below 85% they will be moved down to the next class level.


Missed Classes: No refunds; however, students are encouraged to make-up classes in comparable classes during the week within 30 days of the missed class. It’s the student’s responsibility to learn any missed information prior to the next class.


Tardy Policy: More than 15 minutes late for class …

1st time: Forgiven

2nd time: Watch class & join when the instructor allows.

3rd time: Wait in the Lobby. Discuss with reception.


Dropped Classes: Enrollment is continuous unless the office receives written notice informing the studio that the class will be dropped. Tuition will stop on the following month’s session. Once a class has been dropped, the student may not return to the same class without permission by the instructor.


Private Lessons: Require a 24 hour notice for cancellation in order to reschedule or receive a refund.


Mid-Session Enrollment: Tuition will be pro-rated accordingly.


Photography: All students are subject to being photographed for promotional purposes.


Showcase: Your child must be enrolled in a class to perform that classes’ number in the showcase. All students are required to attend the studio rehearsal and dress rehearsal in order to perform in the showcase (conflicts … see Lesia). Tuition and fees must be paid in full for your child lo participate in the showcase.


Communication: We communicate multiple ways …


Letters or Flyers: Handed out to every child.

Verbal: Discussed in class.

Lobby Bulletin Board: Everything is posted.

Email: Please confirm your email address with reception!



Kindermusik requires home material purchase.

Modern: Currently in Ballet 2 or higher.

Lyrical: Modern 1 & 2 completed and currently in ballet & SJT class.

Broadway Repertory: Currently in Triple Threat 6 or higher.

Film: Approval by Robert Clater.

Hip Hop is a workshop that does not fall within the realm of Unlimited Classes. Pay by the class.

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